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This is who and how we do

We grew up eating supermarket pizza in 1980’s England, it was uninspiring!

Despite this Paul grew up to become an award winning Chef and Aidan became lifelong friends with a Sicilian family that introduced him to pizza with corners and a whole new way of looking at food!

As the years rolled by we both worked with and ate pizza around the world, always returning home to share tales of our pizza exploits and adventures. But we always felt that there was more we could do!

Then during the 2020 Covid Lockdown a new plan began to form. We traced the history of the “pizza with corners” from Naples down to Sicily where American troops took the inspiration back to Detroit and a totally unique style of pizza was born. It was totally embraced by the workers in the giant Detroit car manufacturers, and by the phenomenal new musicians celebrating with a corner slice after creating Motown records. Detroit style pizza grew to be one of the most common style of pizza in America, but never made it across to us here in the UK…

As lockdown ended we agreed to focus all our energies on bringing this amazing style of pizza to the UK, to share with our neighbours, friends and families. A pizza made to music with love and care, a pizza that has a history, a pizza that has fed people in good times and in bad, a pizza with a thick layer of bubbling cheese, crispy edges and absolutely packed full of incredible toppings. This is the Pizza with corners! #roundrecordssquarepizza

So why are these pizzas any different from all the others? They are an unusual square handmade pizza using the very best ingredients and chilled ready to deliver to your door. This, when you have your oven hot and ready, means that you get to experience these pizzas as they should be. A thick layer of bubbling cheese, caramelised edges, packed full of delicious toppings and finished with a tasty sauce. Piping hot, restaurant quality Pizza ready when you want it.